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Chain Pliers, used with the Table Mount Base Kit, provided our in-house fabricator with a method of holding down a large pipe for a machining operation. Chain Pliers give you the flexibility to clamp around large or oddly shaped workpieces.

What's New

The Third Hand Modular Clamp

The Third Hand Modular Clamps

"Third Hand" positions your workpiece at any angle for full weld access. Two base models available. MORE

The Grinder Rests

Grinder Rests

Store your Grinder and all accessories on one convenient, compact, portable rest for easy access. No more searching for wrenches or spare discs! MORE
The Grinder Rests

Strong Grip®

The Easiest to GRIP, ADJUST, RELEASE. New features allow for greater clamping force, long life, and convenient storage. MORE

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Welding Tables