MIG / TIG Gun Holders

Handy Accessory Plate (included with Part Nos. MRM12, MRM13) features a slot for MIG Pliers and a Nozzle Gel Canister.

Fully enclosed Magnetic Base allows easier clean up of metal fuzz.

Part No. MRM13 Kit contains the MIG Gun Holder (MRM12), and MIG Pliers (PM08).

TIG Gun Holders


MIG Gun Holders


MIG Pliers


Part No. Description Dimension Weight
MRM12 MIG Gun Holder with Accessory Plate Ø3.5 x 6 x 5.3"
(Ø89 x 152 x 135 mm)
2.8 LBS
(1.3 kg)
PM08 MIG Pliers 8"
(203 mm)
0.6 LB
(0.3 kg)
MRM13 MIG Gun Holder with Accessory Plate & MIG Pliers -- 3.4 LBS
(1.5 kg)
MRT15 TIG Gun Holder Ø3.5 x 6.3"
(Ø89 x 160 mm)
1.8 LBS
(0.8 kg)
TIG Gun Holders

The strong, fully enclosed magnetic base allows the Gun Holder to be placed at any point on the table.

TIG Gun Holders

Use both slots for extra secure, non-slip storage, and quick slide-out access.

MIG Gun Holders

Strong magnetic base is fully enclosed with an aluminum cover for easier cleaning of fuzz.

MIG Gun Holders

MIG Gun Holder Kit (Part No. MRM13) includes: MIG Gun Holder with Accessory Plate, and MIG Pliers.