Hand Rest Glide Kit

Hand Rest Glide Kit

New tools for sheet metal holding and welder comfort.

Unique and very practical! Use the Hand Rest to steady your hand for precise work in a fixed location.

The Hand Rest platform swivels 360° on the base for support in a full arc. Or, place the hand rest base on your cut-to-length angle iron (not included) allowing you to steady your hand as you glide smoothly along in a straight line.

Reduce hand and shoulder stress and fatigue. Use anywhere, anytime you need to steady your hand for precision work. Powder coated steel finish.

Kit includes Hand Rest, and 2 Magnetic Mounting Bases. Angle Iron NOT provided.

Hand Rest Glide Kit
Part No. Hand Rest Dimension Each Base Width Angle Iron Size Weight
MHR10 4.3 x 3" H
(109 x 76 mm)
(63.5 mm)
(38 mm)
1.5 LBS
(0.68 kg)
Hand Rest Glide Kit Application
Safely keep your hand and arm elevated, and steady.
Hand Rest Glide Kit Application
The Hand Rest element smoothly glides along cut-to-length angle iron (not included).
Hand Rest Glide Kit Application
Kit includes: Hand Rest element, and two Magnetic Mounting Bases.